Introducing ShareFile

A secure online cloud-based portal

Following the recent changes associated with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), NPH have carried out a review of their current processes and measured the potential risks around the transfer of personal information via email.

The review highlighted that we currently rely on a number of different ways to transfer personal information (i.e. encrypted email, fax and post post); whilst these methods are secure, we felt that there was potential to introduce one consistent solution which would provide an even more secure means of transferring information whilst also improving internal processes.

It has been agreed that going forward, NPH will use ShareFile for the transferring of all documents both in and out of the business. ShareFile is a secure online cloud-based portal which is used for the safe and secure transfer of documents.


Your Account

Kindly note that from the 27th August 2018, you will be required to use ShareFile to both refer into NPH and also to receive any documents from us.

To allow you to do this, we ask that you provide us with details for your account to be created.

ShareFile Account

Please provide us with the following details for your account to be created:

We will be transitioning over to this secure method of document transfer over the next 6-weeks. We therefore require acknowledgement and your preferred email address before the 10th August 2018. This will allow us to deal with any queries and create all necessary accounts.


Document Transfers

From the 27th August 2018, we will no longer be accepting referrals or any other documents via email or any other method. Our current address will continue to be used for corresponding with us, but documents must be sent via ShareFile.