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Meningitis B

A staple vaccination for infants in the United Kingdom, the Meningitis B inoculation was officially introduced as a part of the NHS Childhood Immunisations programme in September 2015. Ensuring that vaccinations are given at 2, 4 and 12 months old, the focus of the programme is to offer children the most effective protection from this disease during the period which they are most susceptible to it. Newcastle Premier Health fully endorses the recent decision by the NHS to include Meningitis B in an immunisations timeline already featuring the likes of PCV, Hib/Men C, MMR, Flu, and HPV.

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Meningitis B £105.00

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We realise that some parents may be considering a Meningitis B vaccination for a child who exceeds the age limit defined by the NHS within their Childhood Immunisations; and to these people we assure our willingness and capability to provide our professional services nonetheless.

At Newcastle Premier Health we offer top flight private vaccination services across the board. Ensuring our clients are protected against disease and infection regardless of their age is what we do best. As an individual within commutable distance to our NE3 practice, you’re never far away from the best care available.

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Newcastle Premier Health is a leading specialist in childhood vaccination. We offer the full range of preventative inoculations as outlined by the aforementioned NHS programme and are proud to now offer Meningitis B protection alongside them – to people of all ages.

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