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Private Pathology and Medical Testing

At NPH, we provide 100s of private pathology and medical tests. All private testing is carried out by our fully qualified and well trained practitioners. Blood samples are assessed at our accredited laboratory and is completely discreet and delivered back to you within a matter of days and often within 48hrs. Medical testing carried out at our Regent Centre Clinic are usually reported the same day.

Description Prices
Drug & Alcohol Screening 10 part (instant) £55.00
Pathology From £24.00
Audiometry Test £38.00
Spirometry Test £38.00
Vision Screening (keystone or ishihara) £38.00
Swab DNA Service £50.00
Cholesterol Test £12.00

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Benefits of Private Testing

There are many benefits to Private Testing and at NPH we run many different tests in private such as; drug and alcohol tests, pathology testing, urine tests, audiometry tests, spirometry tests, DNA tests, vision screening, and cholesterol level tests to name only a few.  Your Doctor will discuss all testing requirements with you and explain the results in full so that you are in no doubt about your current state of health.

    • Detect symptoms early.
    • When you arrive at your medical practitioner’s office armed with the test results, you have an understanding of the results so you can discuss those with your doctor in depth.

  • It’s completely private and discreet.
  • Ensure your health profile is optimal before you submit official samples for insurance. This can help you save on your insurance premiums.

How We Can Help?

All our nurses and technicians are fully qualified and accredited. Our skilled team will take care of you and ensure you have a comfortable experience. All private testing services comply with the necessary guidelines. Whether you are consulting one of our consultants or GPs, or you simply are looking for a private test, we are happy to provide our high quality private testing services.

We understand that taking time out for a test can be difficult. That’s why we see you without prior appointment. Simply walk in, fill in your private testing form and get your testing/health screening done right away. We will have your results ready within a few days or less in the majority of cases.

Arranging an appointment couldn’t be easier, simply contact our customer service team on 0191 605 3140

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