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Injection Therapy (Corticosteroid)

Corticosteroid injection therapy can treat a number of inflammatory joint and some soft tissue conditions such as chronic tendinosis. At NPH, we offer injection therapy treatments to treat a number of different joint conditions, providing symptom relief and improving physical mobility.

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Injection Therapy (Corticosteroid) x 30 mins £165.00

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How is Corticosteroid Injection Therapy Used?

Corticosteroids are synthetic forms of natural hormones produced by the adrenal glands. Corticosteroid treatment can take many forms, including topical ointments and tablets, but injection therapy is the most effective means of treatment for long-term and debilitating joint and some soft tissue conditions.

Each year countless thousands of working days are lost to the effects of asthma, joint pain and other soft tissue disorders.  Injection therapy can effectively manage chronic joint conditions, restoring joint mobility and improving function, allowing you to return to work or improve your general mobility and activities of daily living.

How We Can Help?

We are pleased to offer injection therapy as part of our comprehensive package of health treatments and we offer a fast, flexible and cost-effective service, from a team of fully qualified Doctors.

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