Private Health & Wellbeing

NPH need not replace your NHS GP, but offers a reasonably priced and high quality alternative to your existing care. Patients who use our service enjoy timely access to skilled, approachable and professional doctors.

Description Prices inc. VAT
Vaccinations & Immunisations From £11.85 Find out more
Private GP From £80.00 Find out more
Injection Therapy (Corticosteroid) £165.00 Find out more
PCA3 Test (prostate DNA test) £558.00 Call 0191 605 3140
Chest X-Ray (as clinically indicated) £149.00 Call 0191 605 3140
ECG (as clinically indicated - if abnormal will be referred) £95.00 Call 0191 605 3140
Private Testing (as clinically indicated) From £12.00 Find out more
Vitamin B12 (as clinically indicated) From £35.00 Call 0191 605 3140

Why Not Use NHS General Practice?

The NHS is under increasing pressure due to the rising population, longer life expectancy and ever diminishing resources. Millions of patients access good quality care each day, but appointments are usually short and waiting times can be lengthy.  Continuity of care is increasingly difficult, because NHS services increasingly rely upon salaried doctors, locums and short term contracts.

We offer a high quality alternative to consultation with your NHS GP.  Wherever possible we will find an appointment at a time that is convenient for you, with the same GP each time.

During our consultations you will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss your health concerns thoroughly. The doctor will take time to help you understand your medical problems, and will offer advice concerning investigations and treatment with plenty of time to consider your options.

How We Can Help

We have a range of Private Health Care services that we can offer our clients, we offer services such as one to one consultation to minor cosmetic procedures. With such a large variety of Private Health Care services we are sure we can cater to anyone’s needs.

Arranging an appointment couldn’t be easier, simply contact our customer service team on 0191 605 3140

Why Use Our Private GP Services?

  • Consultation lengths to suit your needs, with time available to fully discuss your health concerns
  • Flexible appointment times to suit your availability, often at short notice
  • Continuity of care

    • Comfortable, discreet and relaxed surroundings
    • Experienced professional GPs with a wide range of skills and qualifications
    • Access to a unique network of expert Consultants covering all major medical and surgical specialties

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding Private Health Care treatments or would like to book an appointment, get in touch with our clinic:

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