Mental Health:

repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS)

rTMS is brought to you as a collaboration between The London Psychiatry Centre and Newcastle Premier Health.

It is a NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) approved, non-invasive treatment that is generally free of side effects, and often succeeds when drugs have failed to reduce symptoms of depression.

The human brain functions through the transmission of electrical signals between nerve cells. rTMS uses electromagnetic stimulation to target the part of the brain that regulates mood, working with your body’s natural processes by increasing the number and frequency of beneficial transmissions.

rTMS can selectively alter activity in concentrated areas of the brain, bringing about positive effects that have been shown to be helpful in treating a variety of mental health problems. In simple terms, it could help you get back to your calmer, happier, and more capable self. rTMS can also help if you are living with anxiety, the symptoms of tinnitus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia Syndrome.


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The London Psychiatry Centre

Newcastle Premier Health provide rTMS in partnership with The London Psychiatry Centre (TLPC).

TLPC is recognised by the Care Quality Commission as a leading mental health service provider, contributing to the advancement of mental health care and life changing treatments through the provision of rTMS is the UK.

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Referral for an Initial Assessment

Our Mental Health / rTMS service is currently at full capacity and we are unfortunately unable to take on any new patients at this time.

If you would like us to contact you once we have availability, please submit your details. A member of our support team will then be in touch as soon as the next Initial Assessment appointment becomes available.

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If you are uncertain about whether an Initial Assessment would be helpful, please call us on 0191 605 3140.

Keep Updated

Keep reading our news section and following our social media channels for more information and updates on the launch of the service. If you would like to preregister for the service or need to know more, then please register your interest. We are expecting the service to go live in October 2017.

If you would like to find out more about our rTMS service, please read the documents below:
Study in Australia (PDF Download)
Future Neurology (PDF Download)
NICE Procedure Guidance (PDF Download)
USA Observational Study (PDF Download)
US Centre Evaluation (PDF Download)

rTMS Brochure

Download the rTMS brochure to find out more about the non-invasive treatment for depression.

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More information on rTMS

rTMS is a depression treatment for adult patients who are living with clinical depression.

Find our more about this ground-breaking treatment or call our team on 0191 605 3140.