Recommend a Business Friend

For a limited time only, you could earn a £100.00 credit note by recommending a business friend!

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation form a trusted friend…

Trust is the most important reason a recommendation is made and for a limited time only, we are rewarding our business clients with a £100.00 credit note to be used against their account for recommending a business friend to NPH.

To recommend a business friend, we kindly ask that you submit your details using the link below:

We ask that you submit your details so that we can reward you with a £100.00 credit note, should the recommended business friend be eligible:-

Please submit your business friends details. We suggest that you let your business friend know that you have chosen to recommend them:-

We promise to treat your friends like our family…


Terms & Conditions:

Your recommendation must be submitted via the NPH website by 30/04/2019.

The recommended company must have spent over £1,000.00 before the 31/08/2019 for your business to be eligible to receive the credit note.

Credit notes will be added to your business client account before the 30/09/2019.