Live Remote Sessions

We are proud to say that we host weekly live and free sessions that give clients the opportunity to discuss a range of health and wellbeing subjects with a selection of our trusted professionals.

Coronavirus has seen us all enter into a stage of uncertainty and with this in mind, there are measures we can take to stay connected and offer help and advice where it’s needed.

Join open discussions with professionals from NPH on a variety of health and wellbeing topics.

Who: Clients of NPH

What: Live and remote sessions

How: Remotely connect via Zoom*

*Zoom is a free and easy to use, reliable cloud platform for video and/or audio chat which can be accessed on mobile, tablet and laptops – click here for easy to follow instructions.

If you’re interested in joining our next session, please check back here every Monday at 5pm for details on how to register. 

Please see below for dates, times and topics of each session:

Session 1: 2 April, 3pm.

Session 2: 9 April, 3pm.

Session 3: 16 April, 3pm.

Session 4: 23 April, 3pm.

Session 5: 30 April, 3pm.

Session 6: 7 May, 3pm.

Session 7: 14 May, 3pm. 

Session 8: 21 May, 3pm. 

Session 9: 28 May, 3pm.

Session 10: 4 June, 3pm.

Session 11: 11 June, 3pm.

Session 12: 18 June, 3pm.