Coronavirus: Your Questions Answered

Thank you for reserving your ‘seat’ at our first live, remote session to answer your health and travel questions related to Coronavirus.

The completely FREE session on Thursday the 19th March at 16:30 is accessible via Zoom; which is a free and easy to use, reliable cloud platform for video and/or audio chat. Instruction on how to access Zoom should have been emailed along with a unique ‘Meeting ID’.


Your questions answered live by the Doctors

The accessible Q&A session will be hosted by Mark Philpott (Managing Director), who will direct proceedings and invite questions of Dr McCaldin and Dr Thomas – both of whom are registered General Practitioners and Occupational Health Physicians.

Dr McCaldin previously worked as an honorary clinical lecturer at Newcastle University and holds the Executive Director role at NPH.

Dr Thomas was awarded the Diploma in Therapeutics from the University of Newcastle, a qualification which involved the in-depth study of pharmaceutical drugs and the methods of their administration in the treatment of disease. Dr Thomas also holds an Executive Director role.

You also have the option to ask a question anonymously by using the form below:


Testing kits for Covid-19

If you or your employer feels you may benefit from a personal test at any time to help you make decisions about your current state of health or work plans, we can provide a self-screening test, which may help to give you peace if you choose this option. The result will identify if you have Covid-19.

Testing with Newcastle Premier Health is a personal choice and we strongly recommend that you continue to follow Public Health advice.

If you are symptomatic, for some people a test may reduce the level of anxiety – for others it may help to make informed decisions about future risk of exposure, travel and return to work options.

To arrange for a testing kit to be sent to you, please call 0191 605 3140 or email