Partnership Working at Newcastle Premier Health

There are lots of interpretations of the term ‘partnership’ which explains why people are generally happier to talk about their practical experience of working with someone or a business as opposed to the concept of working in partnership.

What we know at Newcastle Premier Health is that we are here to help people achieve better health in the work place and at home, however that might be possible, by working together with people who share in our values and are a ‘match’ with our business. We think that at the centre of being able to do this well is an openness to work with our customers and clients to bring with them the wide benefits of experiences together for one purpose.

For Newcastle Premier Health, partnership working is all about working with people to help;

  • Develop ways of working together in long-term relationships
  • Find the right ‘match’ with people and businesses that want to work with us to extended the provision of shared knowledge and experiences
  • Establish a sense of shared aims, objectives, goals and dreams
  • Represent different interests through working together to become more than the sum of the individual parts
  • Provide space for difference and disagreement in order to learn from each other
  • Mature partnerships that can be informal or formalised, but we believe it is the ‘quality’ rather than the ‘form’ that determines shared success

Partnerships should be about people having a common interest and working together to achieve it. Below are all the organisations that Newcastle Premier Health is pleased to be working with in one way or another, either as suppliers or clients. Many thanks to all of you….

Our Partners

Blue Shark & Media Shark

Web Design & Digital Marketing

We work with Blue Shark (and sister company Media Shark), an award winning and experienced team who have established themselves as one of the leading creative design agencies in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Blue Shark Design manages our website and social media campaigns to help promote Newcastle Premier Health’s services.

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Horizon Works

Web Design & Digital Marketing

We work with Horizonworks, a B2B marketing agency specialising in working with businesses from the manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, life sciences, technology and professional services sectors. Presently, Horizon Works manages our Public Relations and media messaging.

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